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Teaching Resources

Teaching Tips

Tuesday’s Teaching Tips, a weekly publication providing tips and resources for enhancing classroom teaching methods, was produced in fall 2009 by the Dee J. Kelly Law Library in conjunction with the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Click below to access the archive of Tuesday’s Teaching Tips. For more information on the resources referenced in a particular issue, please contact contact the Reference Desk.

Tip 1 - Creating a Syllabus   Tip 10 - Classroom Control
Tip 2 - The First Day of Class  Tip 11 - Teaching to a Diverse Class
Tip 3 - Lecture Organization  Tip 12 - Using Guest Lecturers
Tip 4 - Engaging Students   Tip 13 - Writing Exams
Tip 5 - Creating Interesting Assignments  Tip 14 - Combating Plagiarism
Tip 6 - Teaching with Technology  Tip 15 - Student Evaluations
Tip 7 - How Students Learn   Tip 16 - Designing & Revising a Course
Tip 8 - Interacting with Students  Tip 17 - Choosing a Course Book
Tip 9 - Self Assessment During the Semester  

Classroom Instruction

The librarians routinely lecture and teach in the Law School and are available to provide instruction in the use of legal materials for any seminar or specialized course. Faculty members who are teaching a course that requires students to write a paper are urged to schedule a library guest lecture so that students will be able to conduct their legal research efficiently and effectively.  Librarians also offer tours of the Law Library for classes to highlight the use of specialized materials or just to provide brief overviews of the collection and services.  To request classroom instruction or a tour contact the Reference Desk.

Course Reserves

All required or recommended course materials are automatically placed on course reserve by the Law Library. Law Faculty may request that other materials from the Law Library collection or their personal collections be placed on reserve for a specific class.  The Law Library will manage course reserve materials in compliance with federal copyright law. 

To place items on reserve, please use our online  Reserve Request Form.  Paper forms are also available at the Law Library Circulation Desk.  To place personal copies on course reserve, bring the material along with the completed form to the Law Library Reference Desk.  Processing occurs in order of receipt and turnaround time is 24 hours, Monday through Friday.  Please do not announce to a class that an item is on reserve prior to bringing the request to the Library.

Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)

The Law Library's subscription to the CALI Library of Lessons encompasses over 600 lessons covering more than 30 legal education subject areas.  Faculty can download lessons from  CALI's website, upon registering for a personal password.  For assistance, please contact Joan Stringfellow at 817-212-3824.

Past Exams

Members of the Law faculty are not required to release past examinations, but many choose to do so. In addition to providing an historical record, these documents may be useful to Law students who are preparing for future Law School exams. Law faculty may also provide examples of final exams.  Only Texas A&M law students and faculty have access to the exam archive. If you are interested in providing the Library with copies of old exams, please complete this form and send it to Joan Stringfellow

Adjunct Orientation

Librarians are available to provide orientation for adjunct faculty members. New faculty members will be provided with information about the Library's services for adjuncts and familiarized with the collections.