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Research & Current Awareness

Research Support

Typically, the librarians gather and review (but do not synthesize or analyze) materials in a particular subject area. The product delivered to the faculty member includes a memorandum summarizing the research process, e.g., where looked, what found, on-line queries used, etc., so that a project can be updated easily or continued in the future by others. The librarians are also available for personal consultation with faculty members regarding new resources that might be available for various projects.  Every effort is made to satisfy all faculty requests for research assistance; however, a request requiring a significant expenditure of time may need to be balanced with the research needs of other faculty members.  To request research assistance from the Library contact the Reference Desk.

Book or Article Delivery

Law faculty may request that books and articles be delivered to their offices. In most cases, delivery will be accomplished within 24 hours, but items that must be purchased or requested via interlibrary loan will take longer. The default delivery mechanism will be via email or a web page when possible, unless a paper copy is specifically required and requested. Paper copies and books will be delivered to mailboxes or to faculty offices if they are too bulky for mailboxes. To request book or article delivery contact the Reference Desk.

Research Assistant Training

To ensure that Research Assistants (RAs) are aware of and comfortable with research processes, techniques, and resources the Library anticipates providing a group RA training session early in each semester. The faculty will be notified of these sessions by email and should strongly encourage their RAs to attend.  Librarians are also available for individual consultations with RAs.  To discuss how the Library can help your RA provide efficient, focused service contact the Reference Desk.

Library Orientation and Tours

A librarian will contact newly-hired faculty members as soon as they arrive to set up a Library Orientation session.  At this meeting new faculty members will be provided with information about the Library's services, familiarized with the collections, and share information about their current scholarship agenda and teaching assignments. 

Faculty Events

Occasionally, the librarians offer training sessions on databases, Internet, or other subjects tied to research. If you have suggestions for future sessions please contact the Reference Desk

Current Awareness Email Alerts

Faculty can receive current awareness information from a variety of subscription email alerts. Examples of some email alerts that are available include:

  • BNA Email Alerts 
    BNA provides email alerts for most of their titles. These e-mails come out on the same daily, weekly, or monthly basis as their corresponding BNA publication, alerting subscribers to the latest developments, cases, and reports in their area of law with a direct link to the full-text of the report from BNA.  Texas A&M University School of Law faculty can subscribe to email highlights by clicking on the link.

  • Current Index to Legal Periodicals (SmartCILP)*
    The University of Washington's Current Index to Legal Periodicals is a weekly subscription that provides timely topical access to over 475 university legal publications and other law journals.  After setting up a SmartCILP profile, subscribers receive an e-mail message each week that focuses only on the subject headings and journals they select.  SmartCILP profiles can be changed each week, allowing subscribers to tailor the delivery of CILP to their changing research needs.

  • Legal Scholarship Network (LSN)
    LSN is a division of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). LSN is a subscription service that facilitates the distribution of scholarly information of interest to legal, economics, and business scholars and practitioners. Subscribing to any of the LSN's abstracting eJournals provides an efficient and convenient way to receive the latest research.
  • LexisNexis Alert 
    An Alert is a search you save to run automatically at intervals you specify. The results can be stored for you to view online or sent to you via email. You have the option to create regular searching Alerts along with continuous, Shepard’s and CourtLink Alerts.
  • Westlaw Westclip and Alerts 
    The Westclip clipping service can monitor case law, legislative sources, journals, newspapers, and much more. The Alert service offers email alerts for KeyCite, Dockets, Agency Trackers, Profiles and D&B. Westclip clipping service is a search you save to run automatically at intervals you specify.

Subscribing to the alerting services with an asterisk requires the assistance of a librarian.  For assistance with any of the alerting services contact the Reference Desk.