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Faculty Highlights

September 2014 Faculty Highlights

Associate Professor Cynthia Alkon provided comments and suggested amendments to a proposed Victim Witness Intimidation Resolution. This was part of the Defense Function Committee of the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section on Sept. 29.

Associate Professor Sahar Aziz participated as a panelist in “Free Speech and National Security” at the University of Texas at Austin – College of Liberal Arts, Sept. 30. Learn more. She was also featured in the University of Texas at Austin’s Austin’s In the News website for her recent Fox News editorial “Don’t Blame Religion for the Rise of ISIS.”

  • Aziz also participated in “Women in the Revolution: Gender and Social Justice After the Arab Spring” at the University of Iowa. Learn more.

  • Aziz's paper “Bringing Down an Uprising: Egypt’s Stillborn Revolution” was listed on SSRN’s Top Ten download list for Public International Law: Human Rights as well as Law, Institutions & Development eJournals. Download the article from SSRN.

  • Aziz was interviewed on National Public Radio’s AirTalk (Los Angeles), a radio show with over 750,000 listeners. She spoke about the Tarek Mehanna case, involving a young Muslim American sentenced to 17.5 years in prison for translating jihadist text into English and posting the text on his website. Link to the NPR broadcast. View Aziz's editorial in the Christian Science Monitor.

Associate Professor Mark Burge accepted an offer to publish his article, “Too Clever by Half: Reflections on Perception, Legitimacy, and Choice of Law under Revised Article 1 of the Uniform Commercial Code” in the William & Mary Business Law Review.

Professor of law and director of the Center for Law and Intellectual Property (CLIP), Megan Carpenter, will be a featured panelist on arts and entrepreneurship at the U.S. Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. The conference will be held in Tampa, Fla. from Jan. 22 to 25.

  • Carpenter was invited to participate in a panel discussion about the Washington Redskins trademark case at the International Trademark Association Annual Meeting, to be held May 2 to 6 in San Diego.

  • Carpenter also created and is coordinating a new panel for the International Trademark Association Annual Meeting called “(Dis)Order in the Court.” The panel will feature debates between leading practitioners and scholars on hot topics in trademark law.

  • She was interviewed and quoted by the Dallas Business Journal in the article, “Photographer Can't Copyright Monkey's Selfie,” on Aug. 21.

  • Carpenter spoke about the Center for Law and Intellectual Property (CLIP) to the Texas A&M University President's Council of Advisors (PCOA) at Texas A&M University School of Law in Fort Worth, Texas, on Sept. 26.

  • Carpenter was interviewed for a feature on Texas A&M University School of Law's Center for Law and Intellectual Property (CLIP), which was published in the September-October 2014 edition of the Research-Technology Management Journal of the Industrial Research Institute. The IRI is a professional organization specializing in research and development innovation leadership solutions. Read the article.

Professor Gabriel Eckstein published “Drugs on Tap: Managing Pharmaceuticals in Our Nation’s Waters,” in the industry journal Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor, Sept. 14. Read the article.

Eckstein presented “A New Era for Transboundary Water Management: Implications of the Coming into Force of the UN Watercourses Convention” at the Texas A&M University Program on Water Management and Hydrological Sciences, Sept. 11.

Eckstein was interviewed for a column in The Environmental Forum (published by Environmental Law Institute) on ground water depletion and state laws. It will appear in the November/December issue to be posted here.

Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law Frank Elliott spoke to the Collin County Bar at its monthly meeting on Sept. 19 on the subject of the “‘Vanishing’ Jury Trial in Texas.”

Professor Michael Z. Green was a panelist on a webinar program sponsored by the American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment Law, Multijurisdictional Labor & Employment Practice: Understanding the Ethical Rules of the Road on Sept. 30This webinar program was requested after a successful, similar program at the Midwinter Meeting program of the Employee Rights Committee of the ABA Labor and Employment Section.

  • Green gave the keynote speech, “Keeping the Faith” at the 34th Annual Scholarship and Award Banquet of the L. Clifford Davis Legal Association, formerly known as the Tarrant County Black Bar Association, held in Fort Worth, Texas, on Sept. 13.

  • Green was invited to speak on a panel at the American Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Section Employee Rights Midwinter Meeting in Naples, Florida, on March 28, 2015, on a panel discussing “Ethical Implications of Client Solicitation.”

  • Green was invited to present his abstract “Changing the Economic Narrative Regarding Teacher Unions” at the Symposium on the Financing of Education to be held at the Oxford Union, Oxford, England, on Dec. 8 to 10.  The presentation will address suggested reforms for the U.S. educational model that aim to eradicate teacher unions. Professor Green will debunk the mythical narrative asserting that unproductive teachers, protected by their unions, represent a key economic harm and a deterrent to improving the educational system. 

  • Green was selected by the Association of American Law Schools to be a member of an ABA/AALS site evaluation team for a law school’s seven-year sabbatical accreditation review to be held in March.

Timothy Mulvaney, professor of law, presented his work-in-progress, “Secondary Effects of the Legislation-Adjudication Distinction in Exaction Takings Law,” at the 17th Annual Takings Law Conference at UC-Davis School of Law on Sept. 19. 

He also has organized a book review symposium to be held at Texas A&M University School of Law on Oct. 24. The symposium will feature the new book, Property Law and Social Morality authored by Professor Peter Gerhart (Case Western). Confirmed speakers include Gerhart, Kristen Barnes (Akron); Eric Claeys (George Mason); Blake Hudson (LSU); Kali Murray (Marquette); Chris Serkin (Vanderbilt); and Laura Underkuffler (Cornell). Participants will present their views on the book at the symposium and the Texas A&M Journal of Real Property Law will publish the participants’ essays on the topic.

Associate Professor John F. Murphy, associate professor of law, was invited by the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and the University of Windsor School of Law to speak at a Legal Writing Institute workshop on Dec. 5. The workshop's theme is “Reaching, Teaching, and Employing Today’s Evolving Law Student.” Murphy will speak about applying to the first-year LARW curriculum the lessons learned from teaching TAMU's Art of Lawyering class.

Associate Professor Carol Pauli's article, “Transforming News: How Mediation Principles Can Depolarize Public Talk,” was accepted for publication by the Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal. Among dispute resolution programs, the program at Pepperdine University School of Law is ranked first in the country by U.S. News and World Report. Download the article from SSRN.

Professor Mary Margaret “Meg” Penrose presented on a panel "The Evolving Landscape of College Athletics" at The University of Texas Law School on Sept. 12. Her presentation was part of the 2014 Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law Symposium.

Professor Lynne Rambo’s article “High Court Pretense, Lower Court Candor: Judicial Impartiality After Caperton v. Massey Coal Co.” was accepted for publication by the Cardozo Public Law, Policy & Ethics Journal. Her work was also featured in TAMU Times on Sept. 30.

Associate Professor Peter Reilly's new article, “Justice Deferred is Justice Denied:  We Must End Our Failed Experiment in Deferring Corporate Criminal Prosecutions,” was accepted for publication by BYU Law Review. Download the article from SSRN.

Associate Professor Lisa A. Rich had her abstract “The School-to-Prison Pipeline:  Why the United States Must Take A Broader Approach to Criminal Justice Reform” accepted for presentation at the 5th Oxford Education research Symposium to be held in Oxford, England, Dec. 11-13. Read more

Rich also moderated the Texas A&M School of Law Criminal Law Society panel “Collateral Consequences:  The Beginning and End of Sentencing” on Sept. 24, which included panelists from both the Texas State and Federal Defenders Services.

Rich provided comments and suggested amendments to a proposed Victim Witness Intimidation Resolution as part of the Defense Function Committee of the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section on Sept. 29.

Professor Malinda Seymore’s article “Openness in International Adoption,” was accepted for publication by the Columbia Human Rights Law Review. This law review is ranked as the most influential human rights law review, by Washington & Lee's Law Journal Rankings Project. Download the article from SSRN.

Professor Frank Snyder launched a new blog, Cannabis Law Prof, as part of the Law Professor Blog Network. LPBN is the leading network of law-related blogs run by law professors at accredited law schools. Snyder’s blog will focus on the legal, regulatory and policy issues surrounding the growing medical and recreational cannabis industries. In 2004 Snyder created one of the earliest law professor blogs, Contracts Prof, which has had 1.3 million visitors over the past decade.

Associate Professor Gina S. Warren accepted an offer to publish her article “Regulating Pot to Save the Polar Bear: Energy and Climate Impacts of the Marijuana Industry” in the Columbia Journal of Environmental Law and to present it at Columbia this spring as part of a climate change symposium. She also presented it at Vermont Law School's 5th Annual Colloquium on Environmental Scholarship. The article was also posted on the Cannabis Law Prof blog and the Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform blogDownload the article from SSRN.

Warren was invited to present her research on Argentina’s energy development at the TAMU AgEcon Department on Nov. 14.

Former Dean and Professor of Law Frederic White was a panelist in “Site Evaluation Exit interview Protocols with the Law School Dean” and presented “Law School and University Finances” during the American Bar Association Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar Annual Site Evaluators Workshop in Chicago, Ill. on Sept. 13.