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Texas A&M University School of Law is committed to providing every student with the skills necessary to achieve academic success. The school provides a variety of measures to help with your interpersonal relationships, as well as your educational goals.

Texas A&M School of Law faculty and administration strive to provide a supportive community for you. Faculty members firmly believe in an “open door” policy and encourage you to meet with them to discuss any problems that you may encounter in law studies. In personal crisis situations, the student affairs office offers a supportive environment to discuss any issue and further offers licensed professional counseling services located at the main university. Your peers also provide mentoring through membership in student organizations and networking within the Fort Worth legal community.

The Academic Support Program is designed to help you attain your full academic potential, while providing extra assistance to those who need more guidance as they adjust to law school life. Seminars and practice exams are provided, as well as general counseling to students who need support as they navigate the areas of exam preparation and class selection. In addition, the department offers counseling and tutoring for upper- level students who are placed on academic probation.