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Appendix B: Texas Bar-Tested Subjects and Corresponding Law School Courses


Multi-state Subjects Texas A&M Law Courses
Civil Procedure Civil Procedure
Federal Courts
Constitutional Law Constitutional Law
First Amendment
Federal Courts
Contracts Contracts
Sales & Leases
Criminal Law Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
Evidence Evidence
Real Property Property 
Torts Torts 
Advanced Torts
Texas Essay Subjects
Business Associations Business Associations I and II
Agency & Partnership
Trusts and Guardianships Wills & Estates
Trusts & Fiduciary Responsibilities
Guardianship Practicum
Family Law Family Law
Marital Property
Uniform Commercial Code  Payment Systems
Secured Transactions
Sales & Leases
Consumer Rights Consumer Law
Real Property Property 
Oil & Gas
Texas Real Property
Crossover Topics (Income, Estate, and Gift Taxes; and Bankruptcy) Federal Income Taxation
Taxation of Business Entities
Estate & Gift Tax 
Federal and Texas Civil Procedure and Evidence       Civil Procedure 
Texas PreTrial Procedure
Texas Trials & Appeals
Federal Courts
Federal and Texas Criminal Procedure and Evidence Criminal Procedure
Criminal Procedure Trial Rights
Texas Criminal Procedure
Multi-state Professional Responsibility Examination (administered separately from the Texas State Bar Examination) Professional Responsibility