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Planning Your Course of Study

What classes should I take? Now that you are well on your way to completing your first year of law school, you have earned the right and the responsibility to select your upper-level classes. Navigating the range and variety of courses offered may seem difficult at first, but you can make the most of your remaining time in law school with proper planning. This guide is designed to aid you in that process.

Even considering how diverse our students’ professional and educational objectives are, experience has shown that nearly all law students share three goals:

  1. To graduate;
  2. To pass the bar examination; and
  3. To prepare for law practice.

Because these goals are a useful point of reference, this document is organized around them. While this guide may not answer all of your questions about course planning, we hope to answer many of them. After discussing the three goals, we will consider how to balance them and create a plan that will enable you to get as much as possible out of your individual law school experience. In addition, we will tell you where to go for personalized assistance in crafting your own course of study.



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