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Academic Support Program Testimonials

It is no exaggeration that the overwhelming majority of people who have done well as a law school student and on the bar exam attribute a large part of their success to academic support and often wonder why anyone would not participate. Below are a few testimonials:

Academic Support TA session

Entering into your 1L year of law school can be an overwhelming experience. Because I did not have an extensive law background or the highest LSAT scores coming into my 1L year, I knew that I had to take advantage of every opportunity available to be successful in law school. Consistently participating in the academic support groups every week and applying the skills and techniques learned in the AS sessions to my studies paid off immensely when I received my grades at the end of the semester. I would not have been as successful in my 1L year without AS.
        - Damian Gomez – 2010 Graduate

The trouble with first year law school was the huge amount of information I needed to absorb. Mostly, it went in one ear and out the other. Academic support placed a figurative “plug” in the offending ear and helped me retain material that I needed for exams.
        - Bernie Schuchmann – 2007 Graduate, Public Defender Deadwood, South Dakota, Former TA

The help from academic support brought my grades up one full letter grade in each of my classes, making my 1L year a success.
        - Ron Herrmann - Graduate, Former TA, JAG Officer

During my 1L year, I blew off AS and did not participate in any of the groups. The result was that I dug myself into a massive hole. Fortunately, I was able to turn to AS for help as I tried to dig myself out. By participating in the weekly groups, I could have avoided the misery! I strongly recommend the program to entering students.
        - Repentant Graduate - Solo Practitioner

It’s hard to stay motivated when you think your grades don’t reflect your effort. It’s also not easy to force yourself to attend the weekly academic support groups, especially when you hear others saying that it’s a waste of time. But the hour spent each week that sometimes felt so tedious DID help. Eventually I brought my semester GPA up more than a whole point. I am very thankful that academic support was available to me.
        - Wendy Nichole Flanigan — 2006 Graduate

Before law school, I always thought of myself as being organized. After only one week of law school, I realized that however great my organizational skills were, they were not going to cut it in law school. That is when I turned to academic support. I think of it as law school survival for the 1Ls. Academic support taught me how to stay organized, take notes, and even gave me the scoop on what my professors would look for in exams. I have no doubt that it was an excellent investment of my time.
        - Rosie Berdeja – 2009 Graduate, Former TA