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ENGAGE students with each other in a context that supports their creativity and energy, as the world currency becomes one of content and information

CLIP realizes not only the importance of engaging with seasoned professionals in the community, but also of engaging with other students in a way that fosters growth of students’ ability to apply legal theory to real problems. Student-run organizations such as IPLA and the Sports and Entertainment Law Society demonstrate this commitment to student growth. Students in these organizations meet often to engage in discussion of current IP issues, as well as to engage with the legal community by bringing in local practitioners as guest speakers at the law school. In addition to providing students with the skills necessary to apply legal theory, CLIP also hosts a variety of exciting extra-curricular events at the cutting edge of IP issues and scholarship.
  • Partner with the Texas A&M Law Review for symposia and conferences. Past topics include:
    • Intellectual Property
    • Intellectual Property and Indigenous Peoples
  • CLIP symposia in conjunction with the Tarrant County Bar Association designed for the local legal community.
  • Faculty presentations to the local bar on current intellectual property issues.
  • IPLA panel discussions on cutting edge issues.

Intellectual Property Law Association

The Intellectual Property Law Association (IPLA) endeavors to inform others about the importance and efficacy of intellectual property, to develop interest and acumen in this field through social interaction and training, and to advance the field through promoting open discussion and scholarly work.
IPLA hosts general monthly meetings throughout the fall and spring semesters to discuss current IP issues. Guest speakers are brought in to discuss local and national IP issues and trends.

IPLA hosted events include:
  • Scholars weigh in on the application of the fair use defense to current issues.
  • Panels discuss how the music industry has changed in a post-Napster world and where it is headed.
  • Local attorneys provide insight into local intellectual property issues from the music industry to patents.
  • Local attorneys discuss issues involving art, cultural property, and the intellectual property challenges facing Native American tribes.
Sports and Entertainment Law

This organization promotes and encourages academic and professional involvement in the area of sports and entertainment law. It provides a forum for student interaction with lawyers and other professionals in the area of sports and entertainment law, including but not limited to sports, fine arts, performing arts, and television and film finance, distribution, contracts, negotiations, agency, and union laws.

IP Moot Court and Writing Competitions

Moot Court and writing competitions provide students with the opportunity to gain Capstone experiences, including:





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