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ENGAGE in dialogue with scholars and practitioners at the forefront of intellectual property issues

Texas A&M School of Law has a demonstrated commitment to an IP curriculum grounded in both theory and application - wrestling with current issues in intellectual property and the legal foundation upon which those issues rest. The experienced faculty at Texas A&M School of Law provides expertise covering all aspects of intellectual property, and reflects the university’s goal of providing an educational experience with both breadth and depth.

Full-time faculty include:

     Megan M. Carpenter
     Director of the Center for Law and Intellectual Property
     Associate Professor of Law

     H. Brian Holland
     Associate Professor of Law

     H. Dennis Kelly
     Legal Writing Instructor

Associated faculty at Texas A&M School of Law include:

     Stephen Alton
     Associate Dean for Evening Division Programs
     Professor of Law

     Maxine Harrington
     Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
     Professor of Law

     Frank Snyder
     Professor of Law

Associated faculty from other institutions have included:

     Susan Bruning
     Assistant Professor of Arts Law, Southern Methodist University

     Shubha Ghosh
     Villas Professor of Law, Honorary Fellow, and
     Associate Director INSITE, University of Wisconsin, Madison

     Marc-André Renold
     Associate Professor of Law, University of Geneva, Switzerland





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