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CLIP: Core Course Offerings

Core course offerings include:

Intellectual Property Survey

The IP Survey course involves an overview of the basic principles of intellectual property law, including coverage of trade secret, trademark, patent, and copyright fundamentals.


Copyright law focuses on the study of federal and international laws protecting the innovative endeavors of authors. Topics include the history of copyright law, fair use of copyrighted materials, the subject matter of copyright, and the interaction of copyright with other concepts of intellectual property and unfair competition.


This course examines how proprietary interests in technology are protected by patent law, with a focus on issues related to validity, the nature of the subject matter protected, and the enforcement of proprietary patent rights.

Trademarks and Unfair Competition

Using the principles of unfair competition law, this course examines the creation, maintenance, and enforcement of trademark rights, as well as related doctrines of rights of publicity, trade dress, trade secrets, and false advertising. It also includes an exploration of public policies and the economic and consumer issues underlying trademark law.